What is Covered?

Protection against yellowing, cracking, bubbling, blistering, or delamination.
Full replacement of the film is provided under this warranty.
In the event of film discontinuation, Pioneers Distribution will replace it with a similar product free of charge.

To initiate a warranty claim, kindly provide Pioneers Distribution with the Warranty Certificate, along with a copy of the original receipt or invoice. Additionally, please make available pictures/videos showcasing the defect, accompanied by a detailed description.

Warranty Period

Nanolink Global stands behind the quality of its films, offering warranties to guarantee their excellence for the durations listed below:

– ECLIPSE: 10 years
– SATIN: 10 years
– REVIVE: 7 years
– THE PAINT JOB: 10 years
– CARBON: 10 years
– GLOW: 2 years

Product Warranty Limitation

This limited warranty pertains solely to NANOlink PPF products that have been professionally installed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Company. Throughout the designated warranty period, if a product fails to meet warranted performance standards due to a manufacturing defect, the Company retains the discretion to either remove or replace the product at no cost. Replacement will be facilitated by a duly authorized Company installer selected by the Company.

The Company’s responsibility is restricted to the replacement of parts only, with the replacement of defective film serving as the exclusive remedy under this limited warranty. Repair or replacement will be conducted using available products at the time of service, limited to the specific product affected by the manufacturing defect. Repaired or replaced products remain subject to the original warranty period, with no extension or initiation of a new warranty period.

To qualify for coverage under this limited warranty, you are required to provide the Company with proof of warranty card, a copy of the original receipt, and a comprehensive description of the purported defect. Any claims under this limited warranty must be submitted in writing to the authorized Company installer responsible for the installation. This submission should include the claimant’s name, contact details, installation address, product description, and defect details, with supporting picture or video evidence uploaded to a designated drive.

Please be advised that this warranty is non-transferable and will be rendered void upon the sale or processing of the vehicle for resale.

Warranty Exclusion

The proper storage, handling, installation, usage, and maintenance of the Company’s products must adhere strictly to the instructions provided by the Company. This limited warranty is contingent upon full compliance with all such instructions.

NANOlink Paint Protection films serve as an effective sacrificial layer, offering robust paint protection.

This limited warranty excludes coverage for defects resulting from:

1. Failure to adhere to the Company’s guidelines or instructions. Such failures encompass, but are not restricted to: exposure to physical abuse, including chemical abuse (e.g., use of harsh cleansers and solvents), thermal abuse or shock (e.g., extreme heat or cold), or misuse.
2. Improper storage, installation, handling, and/or utilization of the product.
3. Damage occurring while the product is in the customer’s possession that does not stem from manufacturing defects.
4. Unreasonable or unintended product usage.
5. Installation of products known to have visible manufacturing defects at the time of installation, including scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and chips on the painted surface.
6. Stains and scratches.
7. Damage to the wrapped surface resulting from improper washing techniques, automatic car washes, or the use of incorrect washing tools that may cause abrasion.
8. Scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and chips on the painted surface.
9. Water spots – mineral deposits that, if left to dry on the paint protection film, may cause staining; water spots are not covered.
10. Damage resulting from collision, accidental damage, vandalism, fire, hail, flood, surface rust, rail dust, physical damage, paint overspray, or defects from paint manufacturers, which may be covered under the manufacturer’s protection plan.
11. Non-automotive applications.
12. Damages resulting from external forces, including the physical impact of rocks or road debris.

Warranty Eligibility

NANOlink Global ensures that their paint protection films are delivered to the original purchaser without manufacturing defects. This warranty remains valid for the durations specified in our documentation, provided the products are utilized according to our instructions under standard conditions. The terms and conditions outlined herein govern this warranty.

To activate your warranty, online registration on their official website within 30 days of installation is mandatory. The warranty period commences on the date of installation, as evidenced by a signed dealer invoice.

For warranty registration, please visit www.nanolinkusa.com.


It’s crucial to acknowledge that a subtle alteration or deterioration of materials can occur due to climatic factors, representing an inevitable phenomenon. This might manifest as a progressive adjustment in transparency and luminosity, along with minor detachment around edges and rivets. Please note that these typical occurrences are not encompassed within the scope of this warranty.

Storage Conditions

Optimal storage conditions are crucial for maintaining the peak performance of Nanolink PPF. It is recommended to store the PPF in a vertical position within a controlled environment at a temperature of 68°F (± 4°F) and a relative humidity of 50% (± 5%). Please be advised that any loss of performance resulting from improper storage is the sole responsibility and liability of the user.

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