Satin PPF

Make the perfect style statement for your new ride with Satin PPF from Nanolink.
Backed by our 10 years warranty, this is the Stealth look that you want for your vehicle.
Equipped with the next-gen DURACOAT 2.0 topcoat technology giving more durable healing abilities, better stain resistance and enhanced gloss retention.
Our Highly Respositionable Adhesive (HRA) Technology ensures a longer working time with the film, reducing the risk of installation defects like stretch marks and lift lines.
Discover the future of automotive paint protection and elevate your car’s appearance.

Factory Matte Replication

Satin is designed to replicate the luxurious look of factory matte paint, providing your vehicle with a timeless satin sheen that exudes elegance and style.

Premium TPU Materials

Crafted from high-quality TPU materials, Satin ensures durability and longevity, standing up to the rigors of daily driving while maintaining its flawless finish.

Easy Installation and Corner Folding

Installing Satin is a breeze, and it allows for easy corner folding during application. Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, achieving a perfect fit is a smooth process.

Self-Healing Top Coat

The film is equipped with a self-healing top coat, which means that minor scratches and blemishes on the surface can vanish on their own over time. This ensures your vehicle
maintains a new car look every day.

Product Parameter

Film Thickness





10 years


Satin Matt