Revive – Clear Gloss PPF

Nanolink Revive, our mid-level clear gloss PPF, is engineered ground up with our latest core technologies.
Revive is equipped with our latest topcoat technology, DURACOAT 2.0. This gives Revive enhanced gloss, better stain resistance and durable self-healing abilities. Revive is manifactured on the most advanced PPF manufacturing unit in the World. By undergoing co-extrusion two times, Revive gets its characteristic strength and impact resistance abilities.
Our Highly Respositionable Adhesive (HRA) Technology ensures a longer working time with the film, reducing the risk of installation defects like stretch marks and lift lines.
When an affordable top-performer is required, Revive is your perfect answer.

Easy to Install

Revive is designed for hassle-free installation, offering great stretchability and a low initial tack. You or your installer can effortlessly apply it to your vehicle’s surface, saving time and effort.

Super Clarity

Despite being virtually invisible once applied, Revive maintains super clarity, meaning you won’t even notice it’s there. Your vehicle’s original paint color and finish will shine through without any distortion.

Top Coated - Patented Self-Healing Top Coat

Revive is protected by a super hydrophobic, patented self-healing top coat. This innovative technology ensures that minor scratches and swirl marks on the film’s surface can be automatically healed over time, keeping it looking fresh and unblemished.

Product Parameter

Film Thickness





7 years


High Gloss