Rose Dream Color PPF TPJ-34

Thickness: 8 Mil
Size: 60″ x 50′
Warranty: 10 Years



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With unbelievable slickness, deep vibrant colors, and zero orange peel, The Paint Job TM from Nanolink is what your vehicle deserves.

This colored PPF is extremely easy to apply, stretches and folds really well and doesn’t lift like other colored PPF.

For the first time in the industry, Nanolink are using color stable TPU resin to manufacture our colored PPF. Unlike other manufacturers who use a clear and a colored TPU layer fused together, we only have a single TPU layer. This eliminates the risk of delamination and extends the life of the film.

Equipped with the next-gen DURACOAT 2.0 topcoat technology, Prismatic has more durable healing abilities, better stain resistance and enhanced gloss retention.

Our Highly Respositionable Adhesive (HRA) Technology ensures a longer working time with the film, reducing the risk of installation defects like stretch marks and lift lines.

Discover the future of automotive paint protection and elevate your car’s appearance.

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